About me

          I define myself as a storyteller and an explorer. Also a dreamer. My work is therefore narrative but always leaves room for everyone to create their own meaning. It looks more like a patchwork than something united and I like this freedom of not feeling confined into a specific style. It is the reflection of my inner journey, always in motion to experiment, discover, question, juxtapose. My artistic approach is also instinctive and emotional, much more than intellectual.

          Technically, I use a lot of different tools from Adobe Creative Cloud to Gimp to Krita, and others. Without forgetting the immersive virtual platforms in which I sometimes build 3D environments or sculptures, as part of an installation.

          About the word “machinima”: it is a neologism formed from the terms “machine”, “cinema” and “animation”, it designates the practice of making films, fictional or not, using video sequences captured inside virtual spaces in real time. That’s what I do.

Some of my exhibitions

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